Is emotional blackmail a punishable offense?


Is emotional blackmail a punishable offense? It is my understanding that an agreement can be changed so long as both parties agree but what if one party is only agreeing to the changes because the other is requesting money/assets to be paid out to them if they do not agree to their request? They are also offering to adjust the 50/50 custody arrangement to benefit the “victim” if they sign. Is this indeed legal/allowed/enforcable? Better yet, is there anything that can be done to keep the original agreement in tact?

Thanks for your insight!


Your question about emotional blackmail is outside of the scope of this forum. To my knowledge, there is no such criminal offense, but there may be another tort that you could sue under. You should speak with a regular civil attorney.

If you have an agreement in place, that agreement stands unless the parties mutually enter a modification or one party files a claim for custody. You do not have to come to a new arrangement, but you need to know that the opposing party could file an action and ask the court to enter an order.