Is my stbx bluffing?

He is telling me that he has found an attorney that will take his case against me for alimony and ED for free in exchange for working the AA/CC suit against my 3rd party. That the payoff from the AA/CC suit is going to cover the fees for both lawsuits. I doubt this is true because although personal injury lawyers may work this way, I’ve heard that divorce attorneys all want a retainer upfront and that AA/CC retainers can be substantial, like $10k or greater.

What do you think from what you know about attorneys who can practice in NC? We are in Mecklenburg county if that matters.

I am sure there are some attorneys who may take a case on those terms.

Wouldn’t it depend on the assets of the 3rd party? So if the 3rd party didn’t have very much (i.e., not much equity in house, not much 401k, not much spare cash after child support), why would the attorney take on 2 cases in exchange for not very much in the end?

One would think, however I cannot shed light on the attorney’s motives or intentions as to why or how they create a fee structure.