Is my wife trying to delay to keep me out of the house

My wife duped me into moving out of the house for 1.5 years under false pretenses. Now I want to move back in and she says no. Both our names are on the deed and mortgage. I pay ALL the bills including the mortgage. My wife just started working part-time. She says she wants to delay talking about it until the kids are done with their final exams which would be June 5. Is my wife trying to delay actions so she can file a divorce decree or separation agreement to keep me out of the house?

That’s a long time to live in a place other than the marital residence. Domestic criminal trespass is a concern since you’ve been away for so long.

Understood…but here’s the thing. I’ve been there everyday for the past 1.5yrs. Even sleep overs.

No doubt she wants the house with you paying the mortgage. I’d be tempted to say screw my credit and stop paying the mortgage.

When was the last sleep-over. I think one year after that date is when she can sue for divorce and get the house.

PS: Don’t be Mr. Nice Guy. She will take advantage. Force the house sale. You will not be able to get another house with that mortgage payment. The bank will never take your name off the mortgage.