Joint Custody Change from mom to dad


Erin- how would a father go about getting a joint custody agreement changed from an old one? so that the father would get the children during the school year vs the mom having them? what information would a judge need to see in order to “change” a separation agreeement? in favor of a father vs a mom?


There would have to be some event that affects the children’s environment. Examples would be the custodial parent falling into a problem with drugs, or alcohol, or allowing the child to do so, the child suddenly acting out, or performing poorly in school as a result of some mis-step on the part of the custodial parent, in other words, the basis for a change must be rooted in some external event that affects the child’s well being.


OK thanks- so if I wanted to go to court what is the 1st step to get on the court calendar?


The first step is to file a motion to modify custody.