Jointly Titled Vehicle - abandoned by one owner


My fiance and I broke up and he has moved back to his home state (no real address to speak of and he works offshore in the Gulf of Mexico). We have a vehicle that is titled in both of our names, registered in both names and I insure it. I have posession of the vehicle and have made many attempts to have him change the title to his name, reregister it and pick it up. He is not responding at all. I am unable to donate it, sell it or anything, but I still have to pay taxes on it and must keep it registered and insured in case I need to move it. What are my options and what can I do to get the title in my name so I can dispose of it somehow?? What should I do or what should my next step be. He has no physical address to speak of either and all I have is a cell number which he refuses to return my calls or respond. HELP!!


Since you were not married the issue is not one that would be covered under the scope of family law. I would first suggest speaking to someone at the DMV to get a better idea of what your options are, it may be that you will have to hire a lawyer and pursue a civil action to have the title reissued in your sole name.