Title to a vehicle after divorce

I need help I was deployed and my attorney got my divorce for me I thought there were no property issues since I had possession of the vehicle and I got the loan and paid it off the insurance is just in my name has been that way for 5 years, I don’t have a clue where he is and I want to trade the vehicle in how can I get the title in just my name or will the car dealer accept just my signature on the title since I have it
I know he has no Drives license he has charges for DWI’s against him, I haven’t had any contact since they divorce in 2008.
Any help on what I can so is appreciated

Unfortunately, a person cannot sell a car if the title is in someone else’s name. She would have to sign it over to you before a notary public. This is going to be trickier for you to do now since you are already divorced. Normally, this would have been taken care of in a separation agreement or equitable distribution.