Judge issued an order in court

The Judge issued a order in Court and the opposing Council is to draft it. It has been four months now and we do not have a paper order signed by the judge. My questions are…How long legally do they have to create this order? Can they wait a year or longer? Is their a limit to how long they can wait to draft this order without reason?

Mecklenburg County… If it is a County thing…and you need to know the local rules… I’m going to try to contact the Bar Association and see if they have any answers for me and possibly file a complaint. It appears that this is a legal stalling tactic, a previous attorney had a child and had the papers drawn up faster…(after giving child birth).

same happened to me in Hoke County in an ex-parte hearing. my wife no showed and it was granted in my favor, then ordered by judge to have docs drawn up.five months foy the one year

Sometimes there are local rules on this point, but it generally takes a little time. Why don’t you call and ask the attorney about the status?