Judges yelling at litigant


Several times during the course of hearings in my case, the judge yelled at me. In your experiences in the Court room, how often is it that a family court judge yells at the litigants? For example, he ordered me to take my child out of town on my custodial time and then he leaned over the bench and yelled, “Do you understand?” and then yelled that if I didn’t take my child, he “would remember it”! I know you do not like to comment on judges, but I witnessed many hearings occurring prior to my case coming up and I never witnessed any judge, mine included, yelling at anyone except me. Just wanted to know if this happens often or if it is somewhat rare. Thanks.


I have seen judges become angry many times during the course of litigation. Ideally judges keep their anger in check, however sometimes their frustration is all too evident.