Jurisdiction and transfer of a case to another state


My wife and I settled out of court in VA. She now lives in NC and I am in TN. I want to file for a change of custody and child support. How do I transfer the case to NC where my girls live. They have lived there for 3 years. Yes, there has been sufficient change in income to file for a change in custody and TN. Also I am planning on moving to there city in NC to get more custody. Please help me! Thanks


Is custody/child support contained in a court order? Or a separation agreement? If it is in a separation agreement you can simply file in NC and NC an exercise jurisdiction since the children have been here for at least 6 months. If you previous custody/child support details are contained in a Virginia court order, in order to change jurisdiction you’ll need to take the steps to register the order in NC and make a motion asking the NC court to exercise jurisdiction. VA will have to relinquish jurisdiction and NC will have to accept.

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