Just checking myself

So I just got the Acceptance of Service, waiver of right to further answer, defendant’s acceptance of service of process and general appearance, and verification in the mail today signed and notarized by my ex. I just got the green postal card yesterday so I got the Affidavit of Service notarized myself yesterday.

So my thinking, from what I read, is that I can take these four forms to the clerk tomorrow and set a hearing date. Is that correct?

I wanted to take a Motion for Summary Judgement as well. Where is a good template for that?

Am I missing anything?


Yes you will need to take the affidavit of service to the courthouse, the Defendant should have filed the other documents you received.
We have sample motions, ect as part of our DIY service. You can learn more about that here: Do It Yourself North Carolina Divorce

So even though the defendant lives in Wake county and I am in Mecklenburg - he should file his part of the paperwork with the Wake County Clerk of Court ??

No, all documents must be filed in the county where the action lies, Mecklenburg.