Just verifying a simple no-contest no fault divorce


MY ex and I have been living separated for well over a year, no kids, cars and leases in each others name, so nothing exists between us besides the marriage…

She is able, willing and wanting to sign and divorce…is there not a way to just sign the papers and file, or we have to see a judge? I preferred just to do that, and not pay additional hundreds more, even though we aren’t fighting over anything…just want to sign and move on with our separate lives…

We have both lived in NC for 6 years and in different houses/apartments currently…We are meeting today just to sign what I have now, with a notary…just wondering, after we sign and make least 4x copies, what else need I to do??? Thanks No contest or no fault…


In order to get an absolute divorce, you must file a complaint, have your spouse served, and then schedule a court date to appear before a judge. The judge will need to make sure that you’re eligible for a divorce and will sign the divorce judgement, which is the document that actually divorces you and ends the marriage.

What you have described that you and your spouse are signing sounds like a contract distributing the remaining marital property. You will want to make sure all marital property is distributed in a contract/separation agreement prior to obtaining an absolute divorce.

Check out our Absolute Divorce page for lots of information about the absolute divorce process, including sample forms that you will need and a sample complaint.


OH ok. Just trying to avoid a judge, or additional fees, but sounds like thats the law, even if my case is unique…Fingers crossed…and thanks again