Kidnapping or no?

Unless you and your spouse have a custody agreement or court order in place regarding custody of your child, it is not kidnapping. However, you should pursue filing an emergency custody action if you have any idea of where they might be. You may have a problem with which state is the child’s home state if it has been 7 months since they left. But, I encourage you to take action as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the longer things become “normal” for your child in another state.

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Is it kidnapping if one of the parent’s (who are married) takes the child out of state (NC) and has no contact with the other to let them know where the child is ? Attempts have been made to contact the other parent and child with no response at all.

Thanks for any help/adivce as I’m lost as to what to do , but I have not seen or heard from my child in 7 months and Can’t really afford to take it to a lawyer, since I’m left with all the bills.Guess I could hire a lawyer and not pay the house payments.