Laid off - want to return to school / Voluntary Unemployment


I have been attending night school at college to work on my Masters degree. I was just laid-off at my company. Can I pursue my Masters degree full-time (to make me more eligible for gainful employment in my profession) or will this consitute voluntary unemployment?

Also - if I decided to pursue getting a new job right away - how soon can I file for a change in child support? Our child support is by mutual (notarized) agreement - do we make a similar agreement or does one of us take the other to court for the modification?


I would suggest looking for a job and maintaining your current school schedule as the past situation demonstrates that you are capable of working and going to school simultaneously. As far a the documentation goes, you and your spouse may execute an amended agreement based on the new circumstances, or your spouse could file an original action for child support with the courts.