Late alimony


I think your best first course of action is to communicate with him, referencing the copy of your separation agreement stating that alimony is due on the first of the month, and letting him know that this is affecting your ability to pay rent. This would save you the time-delay and expense of pursuing a lawsuit. However, should you feel that negotiating with him directly is not an option, your remedy against him is for breach of the separation agreement. You should discuss with an attorney what this type of lawsuit would entail.

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Good day,
My husband and I have a seperation agreement in place. In this agreement, he agrees to pay me alimony in a certain amount each month before or one the first of the month. Consecutively, he is late in payments. Generally, he postmarks the alimony envelope on the first of the month–then, I do not receive it until the fourth or fifth day of each month. This effects my rent which is due on the first of the month, as I am incurring late fees. I have not said anything to him because 1.) i have ceased communication with him 2.) i did not want to get ugly.
What are my legal rights on following up on late alimony? Is it worth the battle? What could I do to enforce this agreement legally?

Thank you so much for all your help and support to all these unfortuate souls and lost loves…

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