Lawyer said that I can't stay on ex's insurance

Do you really expect Rosen Representatives to respond when you put your attorneys name on the post?

Dear kaycee:

Greetings. It is true that your spouse will not be able to maintain you on their medical insurance through employment after the date of divorce. However, if your spouse owes you alimony, you may be able to get the alimony increased for the amount of medical insurance premiums you will have to pay. You can also get on your spouses’ COBRA benefits. Good luck.

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I was legally sparated on 11/29/05. My lawyer, Laura Devan, told me that I couldn’t remain on my ex’s dental and optical insurance legally after divorce. I also lost my TriCare and was told that he was not allowed by law to provide me with medical insurance on his job. After researching on this site I see that I was indeed entitled to remain on his policies and for him to provide me with medical from his employer. We divorced on 5/1/06 and he has changed jobs. Can I still be put on his policies? What sort of recourse, if any, do I have against my lawyer? I was and still am 100% dependant on him for support.