Legal implications of email snooping

Although I can’t answer your question, I maybe able to help you prove that whatever she forwarded can’t be used in a court. At least I don’t think so.

It’s called email spoofing. You can send an email to anyone from anyone. This website explains what it is:

Janet, wouldn’t this make emails inadmissible evidence?

Dear ssteach714:

Greetings. You should speak with a criminal attorney. They can help advise you what is criminal and what is not. Thank you.

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What are the legal implications of email snooping? I recently found that my STBX was snooping around my work email. My email password is defaulted to come up on my screen (masked of course). So she did it when she covered one of my classes at school. I know this because of her absolute stupidity. She fwd a message to her own private email address and thought I wouldn’t put 2 and 2 together. DUH!!! It wasn’t a private lawyer conversation. However, it was a conversation between my parents and me about her. So, are there any legal implications??