Legal Marriage or Not?

Hindu wedding ceremony was conducted in North Carolina in 4/2008 by a licensed priest. No documents or marriage certificate were ever signed or filed by either party. I reside in California, she resides in North Carolina. She promised to live here in LA after I bought a plce for us but never did. We never lived together and lived in separate states the entire time. We never shared any bank accounts, health insurance, mailing address, etc. We saw each other total of 6 weeks after the ceremony on weekends and small breaks over a period of one and half years. We never consumated the marriage. Parents took her back to her country from 12/2009 to 4/2012. She returned and we returned the rings and bands exchanged.

  1. Is this a valid marriage to begin with given the circumstances and if so what do I need to do legally to end it as soon as I can so I can get remarried without any problems in the future? Do I need a proper divorce or can I get an annulment or maybe nothing at all if never considered married?