Expert view on divorce

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Thank you for creating such forum that helps many people.

A quick brief about the matter.
I got married in 2012 as per Hindu Marriage Act, registered in India. Moved in USA ( NC) same year. Before that I used to work in India.
Currently we have been staying together but things are not moving smooth between us.

  • We both have green card. - We do not have a child.
  • I do not work here so far, looking for a job though.
  • We have not bought any major property after marriage.
  • No financial investment after marriage.
    ** Note: we opened a consulting firm in my name as I am the owner and husband is an employee of that firm since he does consulting work.
    Can you please help me clear my concerns on following and advice.
  • Should I apply for divorce in India or here? What is legally valid?
  • before filing for divorce, I am planning to visit home country for a couple of months and on return I shall move forward. Is that a good idea at this situation?
  • is it a good idea for me to start working at this time? Wil it affect my alimony rights?
    Your guidance on above will definitely help me take decision in thi matter.

As you have so many questions in various areas of divorce-related law, it would be best for you to schedule a consultation and we can discuss the best way to proceed with your case. It would be difficult to address all of your property distribution and alimony concerns in a written response. You also may want to consider attending one of our free Divorce Webinars. They are about 45 minutes long and discuss all divorce related matters: child support, custody, equitable distribution, alimony, and absolute divorce.