Precautionary measures and basic information for divorce in


Hello ,
It is really nice of you to create such forum to help people like me who are in immense need of help.
I am sure I would be successful in getting my doubts clear with you.

Let me give you a quick brief about the matter.
I got married in 2012 as per Hindu Marriage Act, registered in India.
My husband has been in USA for more than 10 years. I changed my last name. Moved here in NC. Before that I used to work in India.

Currently we have been staying together but things are not moving smooth between us. So m looking for some details on divorce.

  • We both have green card.
  • We do not have a child.
  • I do not work here so far, looking for a job though.
  • We have not bought any major property after marriage.

Can you please help me clear my concerns on following and advice.

  • Should I apply for divorce in India or here? What is legally valid?


Because you have so many questions and are looking for advice on how the whole process works, it sounds like it would be best for you to schedule a consultation. Our initial consultation fee is $300. Our website also provides a wealth of information related to divorce law that can answer some of your questions. For instance, to learn all the details of alimony and property division, you can simply navigate through the articles we provide on our site.