My Story I need help

I am a software engineer, i am a green card holder and i am from India. I have 3 kids and we have a Prenuptial agreement, which was signed in INDIA and we got Married in India before coming to USA.

I had a argument with my wife on Jan 2nd ( nothing major, just a argument). on 26th of jan she got a restraining order against me when i was not in the house. ( That i am trying to kill her and she is emotionally hurt). She took all the 3 kids to the CPS office and she is told the kids to tell against me.

After that i am not able to see the kids she extended the restraining order for one year. Now she has CAR, HOUSE and KIDS and i am on the road.

I am going to COSTRAN class, and i have become a ATM machine for her.
I have spend at least 8000$ till now, but not able to see my kids, i went to the child mediation however she did not showed up.

I have a lawyer and he is good at just sending the bills to me.
Is there any Father Rights in this country. Who will help, i am going post to piller from one lawyer to another nothing +ve outcome.

My wife has locked the kids in a single room and not allowing to talk to go to any activity.
She is using the kids for monetary reasons.

What should i do, please help me. I need help i am just asking for a fare share.
Secondly how much do u charge for the complete package. till the divorce and to get me kids at least 50%.

Thanks you.

We would be happy to help you with your pressing legal issues. We can discuss our fees and the process and best way to move forward at a consultation.

If you have specific questions about the process or your situation, feel free to post them here and I’d be happy to answer them. Unfortunately I can’t simply advise on what to do with the limited information shared.