Pls help me find out what i have to do

ok I am married to a mexican for 12 years, whos visa was denied in january of 2008 because he was in the usa illegaly. i called him in april of 2008 and said i wanted to seperate as i wanted before the visa but waited and stood by his side. I told him i wanted a divorce and he requested i wait until his return as we thouth i t would be 6 months but once again he was denied and informed he couldnt even apply again until 2018. we have been physically seperated since i came back from mexico on march 11 2008. as we went through the visa app. we spent every penny we had and i was left with 3 kids to support alone (he hasnt worked since he has been there) and there is no way possible i can afford even 1 appoint with an lawyer. He is living in the mountains of mexico and can not even recieve mail and his phone has been disconnected. the children are not an issue as we have talked about it and decided we want them to be happy. How can i procede with a divorce what can i do. I just want this to be done with and a have chance to remarry in the future. support is not an issue either as i have been doing it alone since i returned. plz help me figure out what i can do to end this as simple as possible and ad quickly as i can.

You may have your husband served via publication by publishing notice of the lawsuit for divorce a publication in the last county of his residence.

further the notice should comply substantial with the following form:


In the Court of General Justice, District Court Division

[ Title of Action] To: [ Person to be served]:

Take notice that a pleading seeking relief against you has been filed in the above entitled action. The nature of the relief sough is as follows [__________________].

You are required to make a defense to such pleading not later than [ _________] , and upon your failure to do so the party seeking service against you will apply to the court for the relief sought.

This the ____ day of ________ 2009,

Plaintiff name , address and signature.