Need a divorce. Husband missing

I have been seperated over a year now. I would like a divorce but i dont know where my husband is or how to contact him. I have no kids w/ him but we do have a home together. I have been making the payments since he left. I dont know what steps to take to get this process going. I cant refinace my home w/o him. I am a single mother with children and a mortgage thats too high to do alone. I was told i could post a add in the newspaper and he needed to sign a quick claim deed. Is this true and how long would this process take? How quick can i get a divorce? What are my options?

You need to find out where your husband is so that you may serve him with a lawsuit for ED. If you cannot locate your soon to be ex you can file suit, and serve him via publication by running an ad, however you must try and serve him via sheriff or certified mail at his last know address before attempting to serve him via publication.

His last known address was our/my address. We were not on speaking terms when he was here or when he left. I dont know where he is working so i cant serve him there. He does not have any family here. I have not ran into him at all. We did not have any mutual friends. I dont have a number. How can i serve him? If the Notice of Service of Process by Publication is used how long would it have to run? Afterwards how soon could i get a divorce?

You will need to run an add one a week for three successive weeks in a newspaper that is qualified for legal advertising in circulated in the area you believe he is located, or if you have no reliable information as to where he is located, in the county where you file the action.
You may set the divorce action for hearing 30 days after the last ad has run.