Seeking divorce, cannot locate husband



I have been separated from my husband since Jan. 2005. He is active military and said that he would handle the divorce proceedings since he lived in Ga, it would be quicker and cost less. Well, he has now moved to Washington state and I have no way of contacting him except via email, which he does not respond to. We have no property or children together, we only lived as husband and wife for 3 weeks. I want nothing from him, I only want to be divorced. Please point me in the right direction! Thank you very much.

ETA: We were married in NC right after I moved back here from GA, so I meet both the residence and the 1 year separation requirements.


You may serve your spouse with the action for absolute divorce via publication if you cannot otherwise serve him after completing your due diligence in trying to locate him. You will need to publish notice of service of process by publication once a week for three successive weeks in a newspaper that is qualified for legal advertising and circulated in the area where the party to be service is believed to be located. If you can ascertain a post office location for him you will also need to mail a copy of the notice to that address. You will then need to file an affidavit showing the publication and mailing in accordance with the law.