Legal Name Change

My husband served me with a complaint for absolute divorce on 1/30/15. We signed separation papers on 5/30/14. This is a non-contested divorce, a very vanilla case. However, I do want to have included in the paperwork that I can legally change my name back to my maiden name. (I have heard if you do not do this at the time of the court case for divorce, it can be quite costly)

The other catch is, my job was eliminated 4 months ago, and I do not have any money for an attorney. Would his lawyer be able to provide this service inside the divorce paperwork that she will go to court with?

Thanks for your assistance.

You will need to include language in your answer to the complaint about wanting to resume your maiden name. Our DIY Divorce eBook discusses this process (see page 23) and provides a sample answer with the required language.