Legal ramifications?


My wife and I separated in November 09 and I moved out. I have agreed to pay child support/alimony and we are haggling out the exact amounts. It is my understanding that alimony is meant to maintain the life style while married and not to be punitive in nature. If I date or have relations with another person, what are the legal ramifications? I am not talking about overnight stays but I do have interests in going out with someone that I have known for a long time. I know adultry can become an issue with overnights but it seems to be a stretch that the adultry charge would even be pursued.


Your understanding of the alimony statue is correct insofar as it is not meant to be punitive.

As for dating while separated, it can escalate the situation, inflaming bad feelings which makes settlement of the issue difficult. Further, keep in mind that until you are divorce you are still married, and adultery is still a crime in this state.