Legal separation

if you are not living in the same house you are seperated. How you fill out forms is your decision. You need to get some help to deal with whats going on. If he is willing to go to support with you then maybe you have a chance. If not one year and one day after he moved out he can file for absolute divorce and there is nothing that will stop it from being apporoved. ( you can file for ED but the divoce will still be final)

Either way get some help to deal with the changes that are going on. You will be a better/happier person regardless of what happens in your marriage

Good luck


Thanks jnewman. Your words of advise are really helpful. I am doing all I can to deal and cope with the situation. My spouse who is military is living in a different state, but all of his belongings are still in MY house. He still recieves mail here and I still handle all of the bills for the both of us. When he comes to visit our children he stays here. Does that affect anything?

[i]Originally posted by jnewman[/i] [br] You will be a better/happier person regardless of what happens in your marriageGood luckjnewman.

All this crazy talk about “happens”…it’s insane…

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Recently, my husband and I agreed to separate due to some problems we were having. He more than I. We came up with a separation agreement and had it notarized. I want to know is this considered a legal separation? Do I have to put down that I am separated when I am filling out paper work that asks for my marital status. Noone knows about the separation except close family members. My husband claims this is just until he figures out if he wants to stay married or get divorced. The only that we have stating that we are separated is the separation agreement stating that we are separating for an unspecified amount of time. I really want to stay married. Someone please help me.