Legal seperation isn't necessary?

This would be better posted on the legal forum, but…in NC there is no such thing as a “legal separation”. You can have a separation agreement between the parties that could possibly save you any aggrivations at the end of the one year one day required, but it is not necessary. You are separated the day that you begin to live separate and apart from one another with the intention of divorce.

There should be some sort of record; whether telephone connection, power connection, rental contract or even a witness if you have been staying with someone and would not have any of that. Any of these would prove date of separation but most of the time the courts go on your word.

I hope you do have something wrote down on paper not that you are seperated but papers that say what she gets and you get I know this called ED but when I did it it was all done she tried to have things changed in court but all back fired on her but lucky me she did try to change things it would have cost me a lot more in the long run if she did not.
What I trying to say is that you or her dont want to go through a lot of crap at end things change and so does the out look of the person I would never have thought that my now ex would have been such greedy unhuman yes this got very ugly and I do not like this word but I hate her not for what she done to me but for what she has become.
Right now you and her are talking and being nice but that can change so fast and with nothing on paper you or her maybe out alot.
Hope the best

I had one response to my previous question. I just want to make certain that i don’t have to become legally seperated on paper before the one year rule’s time starts as far as moving forward with divorce. Also, what if she lies about when we seperated after that year just to prolong things? Thanks for your response.