Legal Seperation

I have read through previous posts and got most of my questions answered. The one question I still have is after the Legal Seperation papers are filed, can she come into the house when I am at work and clean me out?


No, you should make sure that the agreement spells out that she is not to enter the house without your permission. Otherwise, she would be breaching the contract and breaking the law.

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My wife and split up 6 weeks ago. We have agreed to divorce but must wait the 1 year. We have agreed on the property split and will be a no fuss divorce. I have called an attorney and he wants $550.00 to do legal seperation papers. I really want to get papers draw up so she cannot come in the house and I can start dating again. Is there a form I can do on my own and file with the county without spending $550.00? Also, with a legal seperation paper on file can she still enter the house? (was in my name before the marriage and she has agreed that she does not want anything to do with it). Last question, am I still allowed to date before the Divorce is final? If I do date without seperation papers, even though I have emails with her admitting she is not coming back, would she be able to go to court and charge adultery? I know its alot of questions but this is my first divorce, she just up and walked out 6 weeks ago and did not even know we had a problem.