Length of Seperation

My understanding is that you must be separated for one year in the state of NC before a divorce is granted, however, there is no mandatory action for divorce after the one year period has been reached. So, after one year, if neither you nor your spouse file for a divorce, the length of separation could go on indefinitely.

Attornies - responses?

Thank you, I appreciate it. Could any attorneys help me out to be positive.

From what I was told during my seperation if after one year your wife chooses to file there is nothing you can do to stop the divorce. I hope it all works out for you.

Dear Tired and Done:

Greetings. “Gypsy” is correct…if no one files for divorce, you just go on being married indefinitely. Separated, but married. Best of luck!

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My wife and I are getting seperated, but I don’t want to get a divorce. Is there a length of time you can remain legally seperated without filing for divorce?