Length Of Temporary Custody Order


I got a Temporary Parenting Arrangement Order By Consent at the Emergency Custody Hearing.
I got full custody of our 5 year old due to separated spouses prescription drug abuses.

There is no time limit on this order. If I understand correctly the temporary order is in place until we hopefully reach
a custody agreement through mediation. What is the average time to complete this? What is the maximum time allowed
before the court forces a custody trial do to mediation impasse or no initiated mediation by the parties?


Custody mediation usually takes place within a month or two of filing an action. The court will set cases on the calendar if they are not set by the parties, the time frame depends on the county, and how crowded the docket is.


The county is Mecklenburg County. Is there a time frame unique for Mecklenburg as to average length of temporary custody?


In my experience Mecklenburg usually schedules mediation within a month or so, with trial being calendared anywhere from 3 to 9 months after failure of mediation.