Life insurance

Not greedy??? When the man dies you want his life insurance? What ever happened to men and woman being equal. It’s time for you woman to pick! Equal or not equal!

Excuse me, I took my share of the debts to pay now, which will benefit him upon the sale of the house! Again, my concern is that something may happen and I will not be able to handle our combined debts by myself. Look, you have a nerve to call me greedy when you don’t even know the circumstances and how self centerred he has been!

You would have to see what the policy states in the case of divorce if you are named the beneficiary, and find out what NC law says about this. Depending on the state, the insurance policy may automatically negate you as a beneficiary after absolute divorce is granted. With equitable distribution you are entitled to 1/2 marital assets, which would include pension and retirement. I do not think that life insurance is included in that, however. A life insurance policy can be canceled or transfered by the insured at any time. Do you have a policy that has him listed as a beneficiary? If so, are you going to talk to an attorney so that it stays that way after the divorce so that he can pay off debts also?

This sounds like a great plot for a murder/mystery though!

husband is going through mid life crisis and wanting out of the marriage, we have agreed on most of the debt and property. My concern is that he wants to leave his life insurance to other family members(his);that will leave me with nothing to pay off debts still in my name that he took in the event that anythingwere to happen to him. I am the dependent spouse and I feel if anything happens to him I will not be protected. I am not a greedy person, I am a 50 year old female without a lot of means and resources. Is there anything I can do to ensure my protection? Any advice appreciated.