Dear shell64:

Greetings. First, you should not be swayed by a cheating spouse who learned that “the grass was not greener on the other side.” Second, you should have the life insurance worked into your separation agreement. I would make the payments and get the life insurance put into the separation agreement for the benefit of you and/or your son. Best of luck…and keep your chin up!

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My husband has indicated to me that he would like to come home.
I’m really unsure, if i’m to take him seriously or not. I really feel that maybe he is just feeling the pressure of all the legalities.
He has commited adultery, which he has admitted:; if not to his lawyer , he has admitted it to me and his family. He told his family several months before he left me. He can not afford the lifestyle he has chosen to take and fulfill his legal obligation to me and my son.
He brought my son home from a weekend visit and also handed me a bill for a life policy that he is named owner of. He told me two months ago that he had cancelled the policy. I Have been paying the premiums on this policy. He is a diabetic(juvenile)he had diabetes since he was eight years old, and it would be very difficult to get another policy.I told him he could take me off as a beneficiary, but he was to leave our son as a beneficiary. I told him this, from the start of the separation. He now expects me to pay the premium on the policy. Morally, I see this as total disregard for his financial future and obligations. I realize he can do whatever he wants with the policy. I’m only a named beneficiary as of now.
Is is using the “I want to come back home” Line to get me to pay the bills. It seems the only time he’s nice to me is when he wants something. Should I continue to pay the premium? I suggested he make me owner of the policy, if he didn’t want to have anything to do with it. I really feel he should keep the policy, for his future and the unexpected. He just doesn’t understand. He’s so paranoid. I’m not asking anything from him, except he do right by our son. That’s the least he could do. Should I pay the premium or what?