Locating hidden assets


What is the best way to locate hidden money? I am 99% sure my husband took lots of money to his home state, and has his mom helping him hide the money. What can I do? I feel so violated and cheated! I’m thinking about calling his mom and confronting her but she’d most likely lie. I thought about doing a change of address so I could perhaps get any mail he is receiving at his moms. I’m afraid I’d get in legal trouble though. Thanks for any help!


You shouldn’t mess with his mail. You can hire a forensic accountant but they are very expensive. Other option is subpoenaing financial records, which may be tricky to find it if he is willing to lie about the assets. There have been situations were financial records of 3rd have been subpoenaed, but his mother could challenge a subpoena of her records and you may need to show some reasonable cause for subpoena to stand. If you have full financial records of your accounts there should be obviously cues if one spouse is pulling out money over the years.


The main tool is to request everything and start looking for withdraws or direct deposits from unknown accounts. Another resource are tax returns because any account where a 1099 was issued should be listed there.


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Not only will you get into legal trouble by him but you will face criminal trouble through AIG and Postal Inspectors. Not only that but you will probably never see a piece of his mail because when a change of address is done a notice is sent in the persons name to the previous address to verify or allow the new resident to do one. Now once his mother receives that she’ll call him and he’ll call the post office saying he did not change the address and knows it was you and you are divorcing, ultimately launching an investigation on you.

Is the money really worth Federal charges of tampering with mail?


Thank you so much everybody for your help!
NO, the money isnt worth ME getting into trouble over. It really pisses me off that I am being screwed over :frowning: