Married In NC, Living in Germany

I was married in NC 14 years ago but have lived in Germany as an American contractor for the US Military for 10 years. I am due to start working at ft Bragg in Fayetteville in Sept but my X is claiming that I can not ship my cars or any marital assets since Germany has juristiction since I am physically in this country. She has moved out of the home and we have divided the bank accounts without a separation agreement but she is hiding the cars from me so I can not ship at least one of them. the German Police will not help me out since she is listed on the USAREUR registration as joint owner.

If i can get out of this hole before any paperwork is filed on me and get my butt back to NC, can I then file on her and give NC juridiction?

No, jurisdiction is proper in Germany and you will have to allow that system to divide your marital property according to the laws there.