Mediation not happening

My divorce was final in September 2010, but the ED was not done at that time. I did file for ED before divorce was finalized. Ex has been stalling since he does not want to part with any “things” accrued during marriage. Question is: I am now living in another state, and we have had 2 mediation dates. On both of those dates, I traveled back to NC to attend the mediation, but ex/ex’s lawyer got sick both times. How long can they keep doing this? Can we not just set a court date to resolve the ED?

Thank you

You should have an attorney help negotiate this for you, but if you can’t reach a mediated settlement then you can let the judge decide.

Thank you for your quick response. I do have an attorney in NC, but if mediation keeps getting cancelled by ex or his attorney, what recourse do I have? Is it a requirement to go through mediation before going before a judge?

Mediation is required for equitable distribution, but this question is best directed to your attorney. Your attorney is most familiar with the procedural posture of your case.