Mediation Reply for Attorney

In response to your question regarding hiring counsel, I am looking for representation; however, this is difficult since I am in Louisiana right now and I really don’t want to litigate, I’d just like to settle. Since I have notified his attorney that I am representing myself pro se, she still has no obligation to respond to requsets for documents or anything at all?

I did have a question for you though that is really important. You stated in one of your answers to me that if we lived on post for the duration of our stay in NC that I could still state La. was my state of residence. The SASRA states that this is so for the service member, but I can’t find the statute that states it applies to spouses also, or is this just generally understood to be so? I’m basically looking for the statute so that I can bring it to my lawyer that I have down here for the custody issue. In this area of La., we don’t get a lot of military divorces.

Katherine Miller