Why is it so hard to locate a good lawyer?

First, let me say THANK YOU, NC soldier for the sacrifices you are making for us. I know it must be terribly frustrating, seems ex’s have a way of playing games. If you are NOT in the states, is there no legal help for you in whatever branch of the service you are in? I would think that would be a start, if you have gone there, guess the next step would be to contact the Legal services in the county you reside in in NC??? I wish you the best and hope you find someone to help you, someone you are satisfied with. May God Bless.

Enuff is enuff

Thanks with all my heart…JT

Enuff - thank you. Yes, there is military legal counsel here, but they hate messing with family legal issues…and, they are based here whereas I need a representative based out of Raleigh, NC. The X has an attorney and we are trying to hash out property separation, child custody, the house selling, debt responsiblity, etc. I’m only a full-time soldier while here. Once I return home, which is soon, thank goodness, I’ll be released. So…my marital issues will extend past my military obligations.

Again, thank you.

The Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act prohibits any court action taken against you while deployed. Your base support lawyers should be able to provide you the documentation and guidance how to respond to any court challange. I suggest you ask about this situation on the legal side of this forum and maybe Rosen law folks can provide a more accurate answer.
good luck.

Dear Theory and NC Soldier:

Greetings. Please note that you can apply for relief under the Soldiers and Sailors Act - but you have to have an ongoing legal action. Best of luck.

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It’s soooo frustrating. My wife waited until I stepped foot in this foreign country and then left. She moved away with my son, has a new car, house, and job already. I can’t get enough information from her fast enough and bills are behind…and it’s so difficult to take care of Separation stuff while deployed. Lawyers offices I’ve contacted don’t even have the decency to reply.

Can anyone offer help? I’d really appreciate a referral or something.

Thanks with all my heart…JT