Sorry for that last comment in my post. I am still represented by legal counsel. I just wrote a ‘reply’ letter the bar suggested I do.

There is one thing I really want to mention though. I was reading the rules of mediation last night, and came across the Supreme Court rules for mediation in NC. From what I gathered, it sounds like in family law, an attorney is required to try to settle as much of a case out of court as possible. My current attorney has mentioned mediation in the past, but not the importance of it, as far as rules are concerned. It sure would have made it easier for me to understand, and possibly may have pushed me more to communicate with my wife, as far as our issues are concerned, if I’d have known. Better late than never I guess.

Thanks again


Although there is no requirement that an attorney settle as much of the case as possible before going to court, there is court ordered mediation for cases that do come before a court when the distribution of property is at issue.

I hope that helps!

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I appreciate your response to my last reply for an attorney, and have contacted not only the one you suggested, but also one referred by the bar association. I have written a letter to my current lawyer as suggested by the bar. While I’m waiting for her response, I was wondering if a judge ever orders court ordered mediation in cases where no children are involved, but with special circumstances. This has been going on for over 2 years.During this time, certain obligations haven’t been paid, one being county taxes for 2 parcels of land. There’s an agreement that was filed with the court to pay this, but my wife refuses to do so. There’s money to pay it in an escrow account with our lawyers, but mine will not return my calls. Now I’m getting letters stating if this isn’t paid, the county can garnish mine as well as my wife’s wages… Is there anything I can do, as a person with no legal councel at this time ?