THis is how it worked for us. We filed a suit regarding changing custody. The lawyers suggested mediation and we agreed. My husband attended mediation for about 3 mos w/ his ex. THe counselor made his recommendations which were sent to lawyers and these were the basis upon which the changes in support were made.

Thanks for your response… I was wondering if lawyers were in there when the discussions were going on.

I went through mediation and there were no attorneys there if you do not know what this is for is may be you can resolve anything before you go to court. If you and your STBX can do this great this will save both you alot of money, time, heart ache and pain.
It is easy to do this if you both can agree and this is all mediation really is. Yes you go to a class both of you and you sit and talk it out. In my case it could not work to much drama and more
Good luck to you

no attorneys. Mediation is only as successful as the two parties involved can communicate. In our case a compromise was reached but after a lot of frustrating and tense meetings w/ counselor and not until after he had written his recommendation which neither party really agreed to and not until the day of the trial.

Nothing will be settled I am sure… He is a convicted child molester (admitted to it) and wants custody of our 22 month old son.

It’s doubtful that he will get custody with the history. Even if you would agree to allow him unsupervised visitations it’s doubtful that the court would allow it. He should be registered and when that is brought before the judge during custody then it’s likely he will only get limited supervised visitations.
My husband and his wife went to mediation one day before court. The only thing they agreed on were holidays.

He is not listed :frowning: His time is up…

Megans Law


Sex-offender registration must be maintained for a period of 10 years following release from a penal institution. If no active term of imprisonment is imposed, registration must be maintained for a period of 10 years following each conviction for a reportable offense. If there is a subsequent offense, the county registration records must be retained until the registration requirement for the subsequent offense is terminated.
(N.C. Gen. Stat.

I’m glad you have done your homework on this…I didn’t know that they were only required to register for a certain time. Can’t that sort of thing come up in court though…since he has a record is that not included in the custody complaint or answer?

Just out of curiosity…did you know this about him before you married and had a child with him?

He was my ex…I thought I still loved him… told him I couldnt be with him because I would never trust him again and I ended up preg …

I have all his records from it… Took a while to track them down but its all public record…Thank GOD for microfilm lol

What type of mediation you are referring to? If you are talking about the court ordered custody mediation only the parents and the mediator are present. If it is private mediation, your attorney is present.

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How does mediation work in NC? Do you go to a class the first time? Are your lawyers involved?