Medical bills

I am divorced. My ex is required to pay 1/2 of our child’s medical and dental bills. Over the years, he has not paid his half for some of them. He has requested that I give him a copy of the bills but to be honest I didn’t. I did tell him the total amount of he bill. Is he still reqired to pay or is he violating the separation agreement that outlines custody and child support? Do I have to give him receipts or copies of the bills? Shouldn’t he just take my word for it or get copies of the bills himself?

I don’t know how your agreement is written but if I was in his position I would not pay a dime until I was provided with a bill of what was paid. Some people both men and women would lie to get more money.

My husband’s custody order states that both parties are responsible for half and that there has to be proof of bill and then 30 days to reimburse.

This does not answer your questions, but may help anyway: If you have insurance and can log onto your insurance company website, you may be able to access completed claims that show the amounts of the bills and the portion that you paid. If you decide to provide copies, this could make it easier. If you don’t have insurance, doctors and dentists offices should be able to provide statements showing the amounts you paid.

Your separation agreement should state if you are required to provide him with copies of bills or receipts for medical payments. If this is not in the agreement, then technically you don’t have to provide the bills, but a judge would likely find it reasonable that he withheld payment until he saw the bills. To avoid any issue, I would provide him with all medical bills you would like reimbursement for in the future.