Justification of medical expenses

Do I have to show canceled checks or credit card statements to prove to my ex that I had to pay medical bills?

My kids have had a lot of medical expenses this year. I pay most. My ex is responsible for a small percentage of the bills. I have provided my ex with copies of the Dr’s bills and the insurance statements that show the amounts that I had to pay out of pocket. This is over 50 pages of documentation.

She demands that I show her canceled checks, a bank statement, or credit card receipt showing actual payment before she will reimburse me.
She won’t accept just the bills from the doctors & hospital as proof that I paid these medical expenses.
It is just harassment.

Yes, you will need proof of the amount of the expenses, and that the bills were paid. A canceled check, credit card statement, or receipt would be sufficient.

Just in case it helps.

My ex’s attorney pulled the same stunt - wanted proof that the bills were paid before reimbursing. The judge stated it didn’t matter whether or not the bills were paid, I was still responsible for the payment. All I had to show was the doctor bill, the amount, if any, of insurance paid and my balance. In the end, as the responsible party, I am still responsible for the payment.

I would suspect even if your judge wanted to be difficult about it - that a statement of account from the medical provider would be sufficient. Statements usually list the charges, insurance applied and your payments.

I also agree that you really need some proofs for the medical expenses of your kids. You should demand your ex to show you some receipts for the medical expenses. However, you should do it discreetly. I mean it should be done without the presence of your kid.

Can I really only seek reimburement for those medical bills which I have paid? Ex is requred to pay 75% after first $250.00. He & his attorney have always INSISTED that he is only required to reimbuse me for those bills which have I have paid. I have a limited income ($975.00 - SS disability + $975 Child Support) so how can I possibly do that upfront and then wait for him to reimburse me? Therefore, I have a significant amount of medical bills which I owe and some are even now in collection. They are all in my name. My daughter just graduated high school so I’m no longer afraid he’ll withold child support so I’ve filed a Motion to show Cause and I go to court on Wednesday.

The court order says nothing about this issue.

If you haven’t paid the bills, you could provide him with the bills and ask that he pay the medical provider directly for 75% of the amount due up to $250.