Medical/Dental Expenses


No. Not unless it is stated in your visitation order…typically it wd be stated in your child support order. She can take you to court and have it entered in a new child support order but you are not responsible to reimburse her for anything she has previously paid.


Really? I thought there was a $250 rule and I could ask for extraordinary expenses…is that not true?


Regarding child support, there are no real “rules.” It’s totally left to the discretion of the trial judge. Take a look at the relevant statutes (NCGS 50-13.4, 50-13.7) and a smattering of applicable appellate decisions and you’ll see what I mean. Let’s just say that some judges use their discretion better than other judges.


Dear cpalomba:

Greetings. If your child support papers do not obligate you to pay, you are under no legal obligation (a moral obligation, maybe, but legal no). Thank you.

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I pay over $1,300/month in child support for my three children. In the child support papers, there isn’t anything which states that I am responsible for paying half or even a portion of any medical/dental expenses which my ex-wife incurs. She is threatening to take me to court because I refuse to help her pay for “my half”.

Am I legally obligated to help pay these expenses?