Meeting with judge... help me please!


You need to set the matter for entry of order. In the event your stbx


As a lot of you know, I’m representing myself. stbx has a lawyer. There was a verbal order given for custody about 2 months ago. 4 weeks later, I got the written order from the stbx’s lawyer and was given 3 business days to go over and make any changes. Three weeks later, here is where we are…
Still no word, no return call, no email, no contact from stbx’s lawyer with regards to what he is doing with the amendments made to the order. No signed order by the judge so everything is still in limbo. In short, part of the verbal order was only supervised visitation for the stbx. the stbx is trying to do things at the childrens schools, which shouldnt be part of the arrangement as it is not supervised the way the judge said it should be supervised.
that was one of the reasons i didnt want the stbx to have access to the children’s school records or teachers. How do i go about getting set up with the judge and getting this order to go through. There have been other mild infractions of the verbal order but this is the biggest and most important because of the effect it will have on the kids and the dangers the stbx imposes.
Any advise is greatly appreciatted!
Denny Crane