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Your wife


My STBX has a long history of serious mental health problems. She has been very self destructive and would “dissociate” from reality. She has been on a large variety of medication from antidepressents to sleeping pills to antipsychotics. I don’t want to drag everything through court but she insists on taking me to court and bringing up my very old history. Are her mental health issues presentable in court outside of child custody concerns?


Not sure what you mean. Yes, my wife is the one with mental health issues.


I apologize for the appearance of the incomplete response. We had a software update and it appears as though my previous response was not integrated.
Your wife’s mental issues are likely not relevant to the distribution of property, at least not in a way that you will benefit. Your wife may even be able to use her mental health problems to attempt to derive alimony from you, or to argue that as a result of her poor mental health, she should be awarded a larger share of the marital estate.
Each case is different however, and you may be able to make arguments that you should be entitled to a greater than 50% share of the marital estate.
Take a look at the factors for unequal distribution to see if any apply to your specific case. … n-divorce/