Military relocation of child

I am the non custodial parent of my daughter and my ex wife has remarried someone in the USMC, My ex told me that she is moving to yuma, az because he husband got orders, I told her i did not give her permission to move my child until a new visitation agreement was agreed upon. she moved anyways and i retained a lawyer, but my lawyer has not been getting anywhere with it and my child has already left the state, my weekend visits have been missed and my summer visitation is suppose to take effect this weekend. What are the state laws on child relocation when it pertains to military orders. My lawyer said filing contempt is useless because she’ll be found in “unwillful contempt” and it really doesn’t hold any weight b/c of the military orders. The court date has been continued twice now and my ex’s lawyer says she it does not meet requirements for an emergency hearing b/c she is not denying me my visits, i just have to go to yuma arizona to use them.

I am not an attorney, but I am on the other side of this debate and would love to hear an attorneys view and find some legal insight. My wife actually went through mediation and we kept him informed during the whole orders process. He agreed verbally to the mediation, but then after drug his feet signing the paperwork. One week after we moved he filed for custody. We found out that everything in mediation is confidential and we couldn’t call the mediator in to testify. We have been to North Carolina three times for court and the last time was six months ago and we are still waiting for a decision.