Divorced seeking custody to move out of state

I was in the military when I got divorced, and have since gotten out of the military and obtained a job when I could spend more time and provide better for my children. My ex has been fighting me tooth and nail, and has even taken out a protective order against me. It was based on false allegations, but I was railroaded when I went to court. She filed it in a small town in Virginia, where her mother worked for the family courts. Anyways, I am trying to figure out what steps I must take in order to get custody? Currently, her, nor her family will speak to me. We both have split legal custody of the children. I cannot get any updates or information from her about the children. She has not followed the court order and has prevented the children from talking to me. The latest is that she moved, and did not give me the required notice, per our custody order. I am at a loss of what to do.

Also, can someone please tell me what child support is supposed to be used for? She seems to use it for whatever she feels like at the moment, and then, tells me that we need to split the cost of something… When the children moved up there, I sent all of their toys and clothes, and she refuses to let them bring them back. It is ridiculous…

You may file an action for contempt of the current order (for her not allowing visitation and for moving) an a motion to modify custody based on the substantial change in circumstances which now allows you to spend more time with the children.

Child support is intended to help the receiving party provide for the children’s needs, including a portion of the cost of housing, utilities, ect. If you are not specifically required in your order to split the costs of the items she is asking you to pay for you do not have to do so.