Military Retirement

Hello Rosen!

I have a quick question regarding a military retirement. Is the amount of months worked into the equation based on date of separation or date of divorce?

Is it NC law that a spouse can still collect a military members retirement if she cohabits or remarries or can the judge decide that?

Thank-you kindly for your help!

We provide some details about dividing military retired pay in our article Retirement Plan Division. I’m not sure I understand your first question about the amount of months - what equation are you speaking about? Please be more specific so that I can answer your question directly.

Remarriage will effect whether a spouse may receive SPB pay. This survivor annuity is treated as if it were alimony, and if he or she remarries before turning 55, the SPB pay will cease. No other payout related to the division of marital property ceases upon the remarriage of one of the spouses.