Missed Weekend With Child?


I got confused which weekend was mine after the holidays and my ex showed up to meet me and i wasnt there. she called me and told me and i told her id be there asap and she said she didnt have time to wait. I have never missed a scheduled weekend ever and then i told her i would come by and pick him up and she refused that i could pick him up after i drove there 1 hour drive. is this contempt court on her behalf or is it my fault i was going to be late? even after i made a trip there to get him she wouldnt let me have him cause i wasnt there at scheduled time. is that how it works? or should i have still gotten him?


In my opinion this could go either way. She could be said not to be in contempt as she did make the child available to you at the prescribed time, but then refused to allow you visitation later on that day. Even if you were to proceed with an action for contempt successfully practically speaking there would be no real benefit.