I am not sure why the judge didn

Since 2005, I have been without over 30,000 income due to depletion of assets. My income will never be the Court’s projected amount. It has also been three years since child support was determined. The ex will not compromise nor co-operate and neither will the judge who was assigned to my case. I honestly do not have the money to hire an attorney. The judge who has “worked” my case from the beginning retires December 31, 2008, thankfully! He never once made any ruling in my favor and actually decreased my expenses substantially from the PSS amount. I’ve been struggling ever since the judgment was entered in 2005. The ex makes more than 99% of the population, but I received the minimum or less than minimum…even less than 50% of the property. I did not have the $ to appeal and it was no use since the case would have returned to the same judge. Should I attempt to try to modify child support and alimony on my own and with a different judge?? What procedure do I need to follow? I’ve been told (by lawyers) that I would make a good lawyer since no one knows my case better than I do! How do I get started? I really don’t have anything to lose. Thanks.