Modification of Support Order

the incomes that factor into the child support calculator are only yours and your ex’s - the parents of the children, not the current spouses.

Dear gocuse0912:

Greetings. No, you do not use your current husband’s income in addition to yours. Just use your income. Good luck.

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I have filed a ‘Motion To Show Cause’ for support in the arrears. I am also going to request a modification to the support order. The reason, my ex was ordered to provide medical benefits and has failed to do so. My current husband placed my children on his benefit plan to insure medical coverage. This is an additional monthly expense of $180.00/month for us. When I calculate the new worksheet do I use my current husband’s income in addition to mine? He is a teacher, his income is not huge but should it be calculated in? Do I use just my income? The current order only reflects my income because I wasn’t remarried at the time.

Thank you for your assistance.